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Cruise Q & A

How long of a cruise can I take?

Cruises can vary in length depending on the destination. Typically most cruises range anywhere from three days to three months.

Where can I go?

The beauty of cruising is that you can travel to just about any destination. With over 1,800 ports of call, your options are endless. The hard part is deciding which ports to visit.

Do I need to have a passport?

It all depends on the cruise ship and destination you are traveling to. You will definitely need some sort of proof of citizenship and identification. Make sure to speak with your cruise counselor prior to cruising to ensure you have the proper documents.

What is there to do in port?

Don't worry about not having enough to do, because the options are endless. You can take part in the many available shore excursions such as snorkeling, scuba diving or horseback riding or explore the sites on your own. Regardless of which option you choose, you'll wish you had more time to explore.

What is there to do at night?

Just when you think it's time to retreat to your cabin and get a good night's rest, the ship comes alive. Partake in activities such as watching a feature film, dancing the night away, trying your luck in the casino, relaxing in the lounge or enjoy a Broadway show.

What do I need to pack?

Pack like you would for any resort. Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you're on the ship or ashore. In the evening, ships vary as to dress. For cruises that require a formal dinner, you'll probably want to wear a dark suit, or cocktail dress.

Can I bring my hair dryer or electric shaver?

Most ships come equipped with a hair dryer in the stateroom. If you prefer to bring your own, most ships have 110-volt outlets in the staterooms. Just to be sure, please check with your cruise counselor prior to sailing.

Can I have request special diet?

Most ships will accommodate special diet requests such as salt-free, low-carbohydrate, low cholesterol, Kosher, or other diet preferences. This request however must be made in advance, so please let your cruise counselor know you have a special diet request when you book your cruise.

Can I celebrate a special occasion?

Of course! Most cruise lines will provide you with a complimentary cake to help celebrate the special occasion. If you would like to celebrate a special occasion, please notify your cruise counselor when you book your cruise.

Can I keep in touch with my family and friends while onboard?

Absolutely, all staterooms have telephones available for use. Plus, most of the cruise lines have computer cafes with internet access where you can send and receive e-mails.

Is tipping allowed?

Tipping is a matter of individual preference. A general rule of thumb is to plan for about $3.00 per person per day for your cabin steward and dining room waiter, and about half that amount for your busboy. Other shipboard personnel can be tipped for special services at your discretion. A few cruise lines include tipping in the price and will so inform you.

What happens if I need medical services?

Just about every cruise ship has medical facilities and health care professionals onboard to handle any emergencies that may arise. If you have an existing medical condition that could possibly put you at risk, discuss with your doctor any precautions you can take while onboard and inform the cruise lines at the time of booking. Plus, whenever you travel, check to see what your health insurance covers.

Are there laundry services onboard the ship?

Almost all cruise ships have laundry facilities and many provide dry-cleaning services. There is, however, an additional charge for professional laundry and dry-cleaning services. Many ships also have self-service launderettes.