eDocument Information

Most Tour Operators have switched to eDocuments and below are some questions in regards to these new eDocument procedures.

What are eDocuments?

eDocuments are electronic documents that are sent via Email to the email address provided during the booking process. These documents will be required in order to check in and present at the airline counter for your flights and to present to the hotel for your land stay, if requested.

When will tickets be issued?

Tickets are issued 14-21 days prior to departure, if the booking is paid in full

Who offers eDocuments?

The following Tour Operators Offer eDocuments for most destinations. Please Click on the appropriate Tour Operator for more details






All other tour operators are Airport pick up at this time.

Who do I contact if I have not received my eDocuments?

Please Email [email protected] to send eDocuments, if applicable. Please provide your Booking Confirmation and/or Invoice Number.


Q - Will I receive tickets and documents via email?
A - Yes Westjet and Westjet Vacations are competely ticketless which means you will have etickets and edocuments emailed to you.

Q - When will tickets be available?
A- Tickets will be available upon completion of the reservation with full payment. 


Q - Will I receive tickets and documents via email?
When documents are ready and the booking is paid in full, you will receive your eDocuments via email.

Q - When will tickets be issued and available?
Tickets are issued 14-21 days prior to departure, if the booking is paid in full.

Q - Is Sunquest issuing eDocs for their entire product line-up?
No, for Cruise, Groups, Italy Land Product and Premier bookings, the Documents will be available and delivered prior to departure. 

Q - When I make a last minute booking where can I get my tickets?
Bookings made within 72 hours prior to departure will be available via email.

Q - Where do I get baggage tags?
Baggage tags are available at Sunquest airport counter.

Q - Where do I get tourist cards?
Tourist cards are required for travel to Cuba & the Dominican Republic only. Passengers can pick them up at our airport counter on the day of departure.

Q - How will tickets and vouchers be issued??
For eTickets, one ticket will print listing all passengers sharing the same flight itinerary, up to a maximum of 9 passengers. For eVouchers, one hotel or car voucher will print listing passengers sharing one room or car. If your passengers do not plan to arrive at the airport altogether, we suggest you print more than one copy of the eticket.

Q - Can passengers check-in at the airport and/or hotel without an edoc??
No, eDocs must be shown at check-in for both departure and return flights. It is also necessary to have your evoucher for hotel check-in. If these documents are not available or have been lost, a charge a apply for re-issue.

Q - If an eticket is lost before travel has begun, who will re-issue and at what cost??
EDocs can be reissued from Wanderlust without a fee up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Q - If eDocs are lost in destination, who will re-issue and at what cost?
eDocs can be reissued in destination, however in some countries there is no access to Internet service. If a manual edoc needs to be issued a fee will be charged. You must contact the local representative


Q - Is Sunwing issuing eDocs for their entire product line-up?
YES, the eDocs available from Sunwing for all of their product line up.

Q - How do I get my tickets?
Your edocs will be emailed to to print and take with you. It is adviseable to print two sets.


Q - Is Air Transat Holidays/Nolitours issuing eDocs for their entire product line-up??
YES, eDocs available from Transat Holidays and Nolitours, however, a group booking there may be paper tickets. Please contact your group consultant. .

Q - How do I get my tickets?
For the above destinations listed, individuals will receive their tickets via email within ONE week of travel. You will then print this information and take it to the airport as proof. You will be contacted for those tickets that need to be picked up at the office or delivered to you via mail.


Q - Is Signature Vacations issuing eDocs for their entire product line-up??
YES the eDocs are available from Signature Vacations are available for all of the product line-up.

Q - How do I get my tickets?
These documents will be emailed to you and you may print off. If you are not able to print off, they will be mailed to or you will be contacted to pickup them up.