Why Avalon?

Away from the hustle and bustle of busy highways, the rivers of Europe thread through beautiful landscapes. Experienced travelers agree that a river cruise is one of the most enjoyable and hassle-free ways to explore Europe’s castles, cathedrals and picturesque villages.

On a river journey, you’ll not only view incredible sights along the famous waterways of Europe – the Rhine, Moselle, Main, and Danube – you’ll also connect with the real Europe. It’s a simple way to travel but you’ll be in the heart of each town, not seeing it from afar. Comprehensive sightseeing, your own exploration, and our abundant Enrichment Programs add to your authentic European experience.

You’ll enjoy fine food, impeccable service and lovely scenery while traveling on your river cruiser, with no packing and unpacking or worrying about logistics to waste your vacation time.

There are plenty of opportunities to unwind. Relax on deck, take photos, enjoy conversation with family or new friends. Think of this as your own personal journey of discovery through Europe with an abundance of that precious commodity—leisure time.

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Newest Ships
Avalon sets a new standard on European river cruising with three of Europe's newest ships; you cruise in amazing, one-of-a-kind travel comfort. Sleek and elegant, they are part of a new generation of river cruisers, with state-of-the-art technology. these ships offer larger accommodations with hotel-style beds, private facilities, satellite television, and much more, including email or internet access, and floor to ceiling glass doors in many staterooms. travelers will enjoy a fitness centre, hair salon and massage services.

The Most Enriching Experiences
Our Enrichment Program is among the best in river cruising. Experienced local guides will take you on sightseeing tours of wonderful towns and cities, plus you can spend the evening on shore, if the schedule permits. In addition to fascinating sightseeing on each itinerary, you can choose from a few optional outings, and there’s always time to make your own discoveries as well. Back on board, you’ll enjoy interactive presentations with area experts, wine tastings, local entertainment, and more. Look on each cruise itinerary page to see the Included Features and Special Highlights listed for each vacation.

Created for the North American Market
These new ships are built for the North American market, with non-smoking interiors and English speaking crew. They feature larger staterooms than most other river cruise vessels with comfortable beds and large windows to view the passing scene. Meals are European cuisine tailored to North American tastes with coffee and tea available at no extra charge throughout the day. The Enrichment Program is geared for the way North Americans like to travel with lively itineraries, time for individual discovery, and onboard entertainment.


Fine Dining
Whether you savor time-tested recipes or experiment more boldly, with Avalon you’ll taste the true flavors of Europe. Meals enjoyed in the company of your traveling companions are a major part of your vacation experience. On Avalon’s ships, you’ll enjoy open seat dining with one sitting, wine included with all onboard dinners, and panoramic views from your restaurant.

Quality Hotels
On several itineraries, you’ll either begin or end your European experience with a stay on land. We understand the importance of hotel quality to your vacation; that’s why any hotels included in your itinerary are rated first class (F) or above (SF). Look for the exact ratings on the itinerary pages.

Unbeatable Value
We include all the main features of a destination without extra cost. Our volume buying power saves you money. And we handle all the logistics and details, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your cruise. Plus we provide all meals on board, a rich land excursion program and much more!

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