San Andres

Tiny, enchanting San Andres Island is located in the Caribbean, just north of Panama and the coast of South America. Creamy white beaches, crystal waters in shades of turquoise, great watersports, duty-free shopping and the pulse of reggae are all reasons to visit this exciting island.

San Andres Island measures just 3 km by 14 km, which means visitors become quickly familiar with their new surroundings and can settle in comfortably to enjoy the island’s substantial attributes with ease.

We have chosen two great hotels for you to enjoy – the Royal Decameron Aquarium and the Decameron Isleno.

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Nightlife is active with shows, parties, discos and a casino.

As might be expected of an island paradise, the popular cuisine is fresh seafood (don’t miss trying the crab soup/sopa de cangrejo). International fare is easy to find. Scout along Ave. La Playa in the evenings to sample home-made specialties prepared by the locals. This street is parallel to the beach and alive with hotels, restaurants, bars and reggae music.

Diving & Snorkelling:
You must pay a visit to Johnny Key, a natural aquarium, just a few minutes away by boat. Here, you can enjoy your favourite watersports along with a great meal and cool drinks or visit beautiful Providence Island.


Flying Time from Edmonton: Approximately 7 hours.

Languages: Spanish & English

Currency: Columbian Pesos. U.S. currency recommended.

Electricity: Same as Canada and the U.S.

Climate: Sub-tropical.

Documents: Check with your travel agent. Tourist cards and passports are required. Some restrictions apply to tourists 18 years & under, when travelling without parents.


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