St. Lucia

An island of volcanoes, mountains, rainforest and pristine beaches, St.Lucia is home to exotic varieties of orchids and tropical birds not found anywhere else. Truly the island paradise you've been dreaming about.


Take A Hike

The Piton Mountains have become the symbol of St. Lucia. The two pyramidal cones, covered with lush green tropical vegetation, were formed by the lava of a volcanic eruption about 40 million years ago. The taller but narrower ‘Petit Piton’, stands at 801 metres while the broader ‘Gros Piton’, where hiking is permitted, stands at 753 metres. Aim for the summit.

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Flying Time from Edmonton: Approximately 7.5 hours.

Languages: English & Creole

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar. US Dollar recommended

Electricity: 220V

Documents: Check with your travel agent.


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Tel Number: 780.708.4040

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